Tuesday, 23 July 2013

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What Can You Do With A Domain Name ?

Resell Them For a Higher Profit.

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Develop a Full Scale Website/Blog/Your Own Page.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an address that people use on the internet, whether for websites or for e-mail. It's a string of characters which usually spells out a word, a company name or person's name. You can buy domain names from a domain registrar such as GetDotted.com, and they can be incredibly useful things (see below). There are many different types of domain names available to purchase, so check out our domain name types and rules page for more about this.

So why buy a domain name & what can I do with a domain name?

There are lots of things you can do with a domain name. We've picked out the most popular, and likely reasons for wanting a domain name below. Another frequently asked question is 'what is domain name hosting?' So you might want to take a look at our domain hosting page.

A highly profitable investment

Domain names have become increasingly valuable over the years, as the 'better quality' domain names become registered. It's now as rare as golddust to be able to register one word domain names that feature in the dictionary, making them potentially incredibly valuable if you manage to get your hands on a good one.

There are many, many sites offering people the ability to sell their registered domain names. Take a look at the Get Dotted Domains for Sale page for example, where you'll see hundreds of domains listed for sale by Get Dotted customers. As an example of a recently sold domain, viewit.com sold for $40,000, and was probably only registered for a few quid!

There's no limit to the worth of a domain name. Different domain names are worth more to different people (in a similar way to car number plates), regardless of whether they are a dictionary word or popular phrase. As mentioned above, protecting your identity is one of the best reasons for buying a domain name for the reasons stated, but also because a domain name with your name or company name is surely invaluable? A steady increase in popularity of more perculiar domains such as flickr.com and digg.com suggests it's well worth trying some more 'random' ideas! Search for your domain today using the box on the left.

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